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The Inspiring Outdoors

No two days are alike when you live at Inspiration. Because the whole community is a playground, and it's right outside your door. Here's a little bit about the special outdoor spaces here.

Picnic park with table tennis and giant chess board in Inspiration, Colorado.

Picnic Park

This park is perfect for picnics (naturally). But also for imaginary play. And riding bikes. And climbing boulders. Like playing games? Then you'll love the oversized chess board, tic-tac-toe and outdoor ping pong. While you're here, keep an eye out for butterflies...they love the garden planted just for them.

The Hangout

It's the perfect place to...well, hang out. With hammocks, a double-sided fireplace, lawn games and a big community table. Grab some friends for a get together, and have your gathering here (under the shaded trellis is the perfect spot).

Stream running down rocks in Inspiration park in Colorado.

The Watering Hole

While The Watering Hole is named for the splash stream that serves as its focal point, it could have just as easily been named "Pizza Oven Park", "Trailhead Park" or even "Swing Chairs Park." Because those features are all here too - all so you can have the best. Time. Ever.

Long wooden table in Inspiration's hops garden.

Hops Garden

Our Hops Garden is located by Inspiration Club and features shady spots under plant-covered trellises by day, and a stone fire pit to keep you warm at night. It's the perfect place to relax  or even throw a party at the event shelter, complete with bistro tables, café lights, and a lot of rustic charm.

Owner petting his golden retriever who is wearing a bandana.

Happy Tails Dog Park

Soon, four-legged family members will be able to unleash their energy at a park designed just for them. With lots of fenced-in space to run, roam, explore and sniff the surroundings.

Pathfinder Park

Playing outside all day just became a very real possibility. Because Pathfinder Park is right in the heart of the community, with tennis courts, multi-sport courts, a soccer field, in-line hockey rink, playground and expanses of grassy fields to help you expend a little (or a lot) of energy.

Two residents walking their dog on one of the outdoor trails in Inspiration.


Whether you're a hiker, biker, a leisurely stroller or jogging with a stroller, there are plenty of trails that are just right for your pace. Eleven miles of them, to be exact  with places of inspiration along the way.

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Parks & Trails

Need fresh air? Here's where you'll find it.
Our map shows you how to get to Inspiration's parks and trails.

Parks and trails map at Inspiration

Map not to scale and provided for illustrative purposes only, based upon current development concepts, which are subject to change without notice. No guarantee is made that the features depicted will be built, or, if built, will be as depicted.