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01 November . 2015

10 Trends in New Home Design

By Gillian Lazanik, Houzz Contributor


Here are some recent trends that are sticking around and should continue to for years to come.


1. Graphic tiles. This is a trend that may pass eventually, but probably not anytime soon. Graphic tiles make a big statement and hearken back to the midcentury, when tiles embraced color and pattern. Try to find something you feel you can live with for a long time, as tiles are quite durable. Think of it as art. It’s an investment that will grace your walls for years to come.


2. Sectional sofas. This trend is here to stay. Today, people are designing their spaces to be used. The formal living room is mostly a thing of the past in many homes, and creating spaces where you can hang out with friends and family in a comfortable manner as opposed to a formal one seems to be the way to go.


3. Reclaimed materials. Let’s hope this trend sticks around forever. It’s great that designers are finding ways to minimize waste and turn old, worn materials into things of beauty.


4. Black window frames. What better way to bring attention to one of the most important things in your house than with a dark, bold frame? The natural light coming into your house is essential. If there’s a view that goes along with that natural light, accentuate it with a bold black window frame.


5. Statement light fixtures. Light fixtures can often be pieces of art, so it’s something you should splurge on. You can have the most simple space, but if you put an amazing light fixture in it, you automatically boost the room’s atmosphere and presence.


6. Stairs as a focal point. Stairs take you up or down from one floor to another. But when stairs are transformed into a design focal point, beyond merely a mode of transportation, then you lift your home to the next level.


7. Open and airy. This has to be the No. 1 request these days. Today’s families tend to be incredibly busy, and multitasking is the norm. Having clear views of what’s going on in your home from anywhere in the house makes sense.


8. No formal dining room. Just as the formal living room is a thing of the past for many, the formal dining room is also going the way of the dinosaurs. People are starting to realize that pleasures are not experiences that should occur occasionally, but rather should be part of everyday life.


9. Minimal design. We could have a debate about minimal design for years to come, but at the end of the day, this is a trend that makes sense for healthy living. Creating a space that’s free of clutter and ornate decor means a space that’s easier to focus in, easier to clean and easier to move through.


10. Mismatched materials. Mismatching can be daring and often makes people nervous at the start of a project. But when executed correctly, it adds immediate interest to any space. This is a trend that keeps the boring out and brings heaps of character in.